Working on software
with respect for user data

Almost every software development team working with user data will face the challenge of securing the privacy of its users. With Anonymlab your company is assured of safely developing and testing software, without the risk of invading the privacy of its users. 100% GDPR/AVG proof.

Sample data

Curious about our services?

Here is some sample data. We have used a specific dataset for the dutch audience, but other dataset are possible with Anonymlab. Did you notice that the sample data is never the same? That is correct, since we can offer billions of real-like user data.

Sample dutch data set

First name Last name Age City
Zarah Leeuwenhoek 59 Feerwerd
Shaniqua Roosevelt 31 Termunterzijl
Fahri Schoorl 56 Purmerend
Rolf Venne 26 Zevenbergschen Hoek Moer
Ismaïl Pennders 52 Achlum


Explore our distinctive features

Working with Anonymlab can provide everything you need to safely develop software with anonymized user data.

100% GDPR/AVG proof

We don't receive any of your sensitive data. We are only a provider for your test data. Your production data is for your eyes only.


Whether you need more data or different data, we enable you to change your dataset anytime you need.

Unlimited possibilities

With more than a billion possibilities for user data, you are assured of the best real-like data you can imagine.